The ZTT (Zero Temporal Transit) Drive is the method used by adamist starships to traverse interstellar distances. Ships can “jump” distances of up to 15 LY, travelling between planets by using as many jumps as necessary.

Development of ZTT DriveEdit

Components of ZTT DriveEdit

Mechanics of a JumpEdit

During a ZTT jump the ships or in one case habitats, patterning nodes concentrate energy onto a section of space to the point of almost infinity therefore opening up an event horizon - the nodes cause the resulting wormhole to be placed around the ship. The jumps take an enormous amount of energy and the maximum jump for an average ship is around 21 light-years. Unlike Adamist ships, which can only jump in the direction they are facing, Voidhawks can taylor their wormholes so they don't need to do precise lining up like Adamist ships. the whole jump takes around 0.005 seconds and 99.99% of that time is used by the starship going through the wormhole.

Limitations of ZTT DriveEdit

Conservation of MomentumEdit

The ZTT drive cannot cancel or change inertia. Adamist starships jump along the vector they have at the moment of the jump. While this is not much of a problem when leaving a star system, an Adamist starship must make time-consuming and costly maneuvers to correct their delta-V and vector before jumping into a system. Most captains choose to orbit a planet or moon to align themselves on their destination before jumping. Voidhawks are not subject to this limitation, as they can tailor their wormhole's exit vector as desired.

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