The Tyrathca are a sentient xenoc species originating from the distant star Mastrit-PJ, which has been abandoned thousands of years ago. Upon their dispersal, the Tyrathca built 1283 huge generation arkships to spread their species to other stars. One of those arkships, Tanjuntic-RI, reached proximity to Confederation space and established the Tyrathca colony Hesperi-LN around 800 AD.

The Tyrathca are a caste society widely different. Due to a constant hostile environment on their homeplanet, they have evolved a soldier caste. Society is organised by the only fully sentient caste, the Breeders.

Breeders pass information to the other castes by encoding hormonal genetic signals into their milk.

Relations with humans

The Tyrathca have a fundementally different psychology compared to humans, which poses problems in communications and trade. As an example the Tyrathca are not able to lie outright.

As of 2611, humans and Tyrathca have joined efforts in the colonization of planets with resources interesting to both species, though not in direct competition.

One such case is Lalonde, where the Tyrathca own 4% of the local development company; Tyrathca are interested in rygar berries, uninteresting for humans.

The Tyrathca have a seat in the Confederation Assembly, plus a joint position among its chairman staff, held rotatively with the Kiint.

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The outbreak of the possession crisis on Lalonde, where the Tyrathca have a small settlement (Coastuc-RT), seriously cripples relationships between humans and Tyrathca. The possessors of human bodies are subsequently named “elemental” humans and regarded as a serious threat. Since humans already have a superior warfare technology, the Tyrathca abolish all further contact with the Confederation.

When the Sleeping God mission brings the Lady MacBeth and Oenone to the old Tyrathca arkship Tanjuntic-RI, the Tyrathca see the incursion as an act of war. The Intelligence Operatives involved with the mission state that the hostile actions may bring about an all-out war with the Tyrathca, who have superior numbers and firepower if unity with the Tyrathca diaspora is achieved.

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