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Tranquility is an independent habitat, the only inhabitated location of its system, nominally part of the Kulu Kingdom. By order of Michael Saldana, it was germinated in Mirchusko orbit 7000 km “above” the Ruin Ring, in 2428, to serve as a base for the Laymil Research Project.

Tranquility is the largest habitat in the Confederation, measuring 65 km along its long axis by 17 km in diameter (internal surface area of approx. 1600 km2). Like all habitats, its parkland contains a large circumfluous lake at the southern endcap.

Tranquility is one of the five independent habitats to be germinated, and is undoubtedly the most successful, both financially and politically. This is due to the liberal tax laws that were introduced by Michael Saldana when Tranquility was opened for habitation.

Tranquility’s spaceport is 4,5 km in diameter, as usualy fitted with green and red strobes along its rim. (tNG:1)


All skyscrapers outside Tranquility’s equator are named after saints:

(Note: This list consists only of items mentioned in the sources. It may be very incomplete.)

De Beauvoir Palace, the official residence of the Lord of Ruin is one of the few residential spaces in Tranquility not located in a starscaper, but instead near the southern endcap.

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During the Organization’s attack on Tranquility it was revealed that Michael Saldana had modified the habitat’s genome to include a large number of energy patterning cells around the rim of its southern endcap, with the same function of those in voidhawk. This allowed Tranquility to swallow away from the attacking fleet and emerge at Jupiter. No other habitat is know to have this ability. (tNG:1)

Lycoris become the Edenist habitat nearest to Tranquility after the Organization’s attack. It supplied Tranquility with a large fusion generator while its induction cables regrew.

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