«Any of the Confederation’s terracompatible planets, with deep blue oceans and emerald continents, the whole globe wrapped in thick tatters of white cloud». (tNG)

Terracompatible planets are those which require little or no modification in order to support human life. There are many criteria necessary for a planet to be deemed terracompatible:


Messopia seen from the O’Neill Halo: Since the early 22nd century, Earth can be no longer considered terracompatible.
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(Note: This list consists only of items mentioned in the sources. It may be very incomplete.)

  • Presence of water
  • Oxygen/Nitrogen Atmosphere
  • Plant Life
  • Lack of large predators
  • Lack of sentient lifeforms
  • Stable solar orbit
  • Earth-like gravity

Most terracompatible planets orbit G-type stars. (tNA:13)

(See list of terracompatible planets mentioned.)

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