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Edenist Habitat-Exterior

TNA cover illustration © Jim Burns

The Neutronium Alchemist (geek code for quoting and reference: tNA), The Night's Dawn Trilogy - Part 2. A major source. Published in some countries (at least U.S., Finland and France) as two volumes and in some others as four volumes (at least Italy and Portugal).

Subtitled in the U.S. Consolidation and Conflict.

Dropped subplots?

The English Wikipedia article on tNA says that two lengthy subplots were dropped from the novel for space reasons. Taking place on Srinagar, this would have had an army of possessed conquering the planet with bitek constructs. The second plot would have involved Louise and Genevieve’s ship crash-landing on Mars.


Books at the 1999 launch of tNG: tNA at the right
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