Night’s Dawn universe

Ombey is a terracompatible planet, its system being the newest principality of Kulu Kingdom. It has one moon, Jethro, and eleven stony-iron asteroids were already brought to Ombey (and Jethro) orbit, the first of which was Guyana.

Ombey orbits 42 Gm away from its G2 primary. Its capital is Atherstone.


Ombey has several continents:

(Note: This list consists only of items mentioned in the sources. It may be very incomplete.)


Ombey was discovered in 2457 and open for immigration in 2470.

In 2500, Ombey reached 10 million inhabitans and the system status changed from protectorate to principality. Developed along typical Kulu lines since its discovery, Ombey has just under 200 million inhabitants as of 2611, and is just barely out of stage two.


The text below contains discussions or references written in an out-of-character style and it may be not canonical.

Many toponyms in Ombey were named for regions of South America.

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