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New California is a Californian-ethnic terracompatible planet orbiting Visalia, 130 LY from Earth, in its namesake system. It was the first ethnically streamed colony planet (tNA:16).

The capital city of New California is San Angeles.



New California was discovered during the Great Dispersal, in 2156(tNA:16) The Govcentral state of California, which sponsored the foundation of the colony, made the decision to operate an ethnic streaming policy, only allowing natives of the state of California to emigrate. While this policy was initially extremely controversial it proved successful and all subsequent planets followed New California's template.


The New Californian political system is based on the original US constitution with an emphasis on environmentalism and social liberty, as befits a nation founded and almost entirely populated by Californians. Examples of these attitudes include environmental concerns and the liberalisation of mild narcotics.

As of 2611, some New California politicians are campaigning to strengthen the system’s General Assembly into a system-wide (Adamist) administration or even union. Opinion against it is strong among asteroid dwellers and leaders. (tNA:9)


Partly because of the capitalistic ethos inherited from the old USA and partly because of the industrial plants which relocated from old California, New California has always had a robust economy, especially in the high technology industries. A particular speciality of the system is the production of spaceplanes, although Kulu's development of the ion-field flyer has threatened this traditional strength.

The defence industry is also particularly large as can be seen from the strength of the New California SD system.



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As of 2611, the New Californian Navy has 125 starships — an above-average power which boosted its economy and gives the planet a considerable weight within the Confederation(tNA:7)

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After Al Capone possessed a local man, New California was the target of the Organization’s first planetary take-over, followed by Arnstadt, Kursk, and Toi-Hoi(tNA:20)

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