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Night’s Dawn — The Confederation “Handwiki”: An under construction wiki-based encyclopedia with 570 entries about the universe of Peter F. Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn science fiction novels.

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FAQ: Does this wiki replace, or is it supposed to replace, The Confederation Handbook (ill.), also written by Peter F. Hamilton?

reply: No, absolutely not! The Confederation Handbook is a must for every reader of the Night’s Dawn trilogy! It reads as a novel in its own right and instead of the terse data dumps we give in this wiki you’ll be shown around the Confederation by the most authoritative source. This wiki intends solely to allow readers a quick reference.

FAQ: Who can edit this wiki?

reply: Anybody, for it is a wiki. But for stuff other than spelling fixes, it is better to have read the whole thing. Quick tips: No needless spoiling, no verbose details, no transcriptions, no unbased statements, and lots of links.