Upon his departure from his home habitat, Laton formed a group consisting mostly of Edenist serpents like him, with the intention of conducting research into expanding human lifespan and similar issues. During his long research, Laton infected Jantrit, an Edenist habitat, with a virus that killed the habitat, along with a large percentage of its population and stored memories.


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Hunted by the entire Confederation, Laton and his crew came to Lalonde on a blackhawk in 2575, where they continued their research. They were 20 humans (including Laton’s own offspring) and 7 landcruisers accompanying him along with numerous luxury items, cybernetic manufacturing systems, and genetics equipment.

In the course of this research, they were discovered by Quinn Dexter. Laton made a deal with Dexter, but decided to cheat him and framed the ivets for the murder of Carter McBride. On his escape, Quinn performed the ritual that allowed the possessed their first access to our universe.

Laton's group prepared to leave Lalonde as the possessed started to spread through the region. Sadly for them, they were discovered and possessed, terminating the group. In his final act, Laton redeemed himself by transmitting a warning to the Edenists about possession.