Lalonde orbit 1(c)JimBurns

Lalonde coastal area seen from orbit.
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Night’s Dawn universe

Lalonde is a stage-one colony world — a terracompatible planet with a climate hotter and more humid than most due to the nature of its orbit, only 132 Gm away from its F-type primary. Its year is 295 local days long; these in turn last for 29 standard hours.

On Lalonde there are six continents; the equatorial zone is uninhabitable for normal Humans without temperature regulation suits. Polar ice caps are five times smaller than normal; one of the continents, Wyman, is polar (northern), its weather being continuously stormy.

Lalonde’s main settlement is Durringham, located on the southern bank of the Juliffe mouth, in Amarisk, the only continent of Lalonde being settled as of 2611. The Land Allocation Office of the Lalonde Development Company divided the planned settlement area into named counties.

Lalonde was open to development in 2582 by the LDC for both Tyrathca and Euro-Christian (ethnic Adamist) humans; according to the plan, the first stage should be based on agricultural products grown thanks to the planet’s unusual climate. The local currency is the Lalonde franc; sponsored by the LDC, its circulation is encouraged.

As of 2611, however, the development plan is falling behind schedule. In orbit, the works in Kenyon asteroid are delayed, but even its reduced industrial capacity will be oversized for the needs of the planet’s economy in a foreseeable future. The Arklow counties, for example, went bankrupt in 2605, causing famine and riots among the colonists; Schuster village is a less extreme example of settlement failiure.


Lalonde orbit 2(c)JimBurns

Lalonde continental hinterland seen from orbit.
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(Note: This list consists only of items mentioned in the sources. It may be very incomplete.)


(Note: This list consists only of items mentioned in the sources. It may be very incomplete.)


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(Lalonde is described in most detail in TRD (p.90 and ff. of Pan) and, of course, in CHb.)