This paragraph mentions events occurred after 2611 and/or contains information relevant to the plot of the trilogy.

The Lady Macbeth is an Adamist starship that belonged to Marcus Calvert, Joshua's deceased father. Joshua refits it completely after making the big sale of his functional Laymil circuitry find. Joshua’s father was a real believer in multiple redundancy systems. Lady Mac has a jump capability of 15 LYs with four reaction drives instead of the usual one. Three of them are standard nuclear drives, the fourth is an antimatter drive. We learn that it is illegal to fuel such a drive, but not illegal to actually possess one. “Makes you very popular when there’s a war on,” Joshua says. The vessel also has eight (instead of one) maser cannons thinly disguised as communication lasers. The ship is fully combat capable with it’s antimatter drive, combat wasp launch-rails.


An artist's impression of the Lady Macbeth

The vessel has four life-support capsules, 12 meter spheres grouped in a pyramid shape in the center of the ship. The lower three were split into four decks each. The middle levels of each contained living quarters. The top and bottom levels contained a variety of storage and maintenance spaces along with airlock chambers for the Lady Mac’s spaceplane. The top sphere was the flight management area. Up to 80 people can be carried aboard in zero-tau pods. Joshua’s cabin takes up a quarter of the top sphere. It is well-furnished and decorated with a few oddities like an old Apollo command module guidance computer, accelerator reinforced bookshelves filled with leather-bound star charts, and a free-fall-sex cage. The cage is a meshed globe of rubberized struts allowing safe and complete freedom of movement in any conceivable direction.

Unlike bitek ships (which can tailor their wormholes without regard to location of their destination), starships like the Lady Macbeth have to make ZTT jumps in precise alignment with the target star. In interstellar space such calculations were merely a matter of making certain adjustments, but the initial jump must be as accurate as possible in order to avoid a wildly dislocated emergence point.

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