Night’s Dawn universe

(Spoiler Warning)

The text below mentions events occured after 2611 and/or contains information relevant to the plot of the trilogy. Proceed at your own risk!

Tng cover 2(c)Jim Burns

In background, planetary surface landscape in one of the planets of the Kiint home system.
(tNG cover) © Jim Burns

When Jay Hilton visits the Kiint home system, she sees many planets «similar to any of the Confederation's terracompatible planets.» She wonders: «A star with a necklace of inhabited planets! Thousands would be needed to make up such a circle.». Nang and Lieria then explain that Jobis is just a science outpost, and that the Kiint home system is in another galaxy. (tNG:2)

Apart from Riynine (?:[[?#{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]]), the planet where Haile brings Jay to, also the retired observers’ world is located in the Kiint home system(tNG:2)