Night’s Dawn universe

Jupiter is the fifth planet of the Sol system and its largest gas giant. As of 2611, after five centuries of astronomical exploration, it is still one of the largest catalogued gas giants.


Jupiter is the spiritual home of Edenism, and its main population center: As of 2611, there are 4250 mature habitats (tNG:1) in jovian orbit housing nine billion people — the highest population of any gas giant in the Confederation. Toghether, all these Edenists and the habitat personalities form the Jovian Consensus.

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The habitats are scattered in a ring area 100 Mm in from Europa and 550 Mm wide (tNA:18) (tNG:1), each attended by numerours zero-gee industrial stations.

Helium miningEdit

Hundereds of cloudscoops skim the outer layers of jovian athmosphere mining He3, providing fuel for fusion power. As with practically every other settled solar system in the Confederation, the He3 mining is controlled by the Edenists.

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