Night’s Dawn universe

Jantrit is an Edenist habitat, destroyed by Laton in 2544. It was 35 km long, one of three habitats orbiting the local gas giant.

Olsen Neale, Commander of the Confederation Navy office in Tranquility, says to Erick Thrackar, while discussing Jantrit: «The Edenists had never lost a habitat before, their life expentancy is measured in millenia.»

Jantrit was infected with a proteanic virus which killed it along with a large percentage of its population: c.a 1 250 000 people and 500 000 stored memories; the physical insfrastructure of the habitat was obliterated by antimatter bombs.

This paragraph mentions events occurred after 2611 and/or contains information relevant to the plot of the trilogy.
This distruction was a diversion to ensure Laton and his confederates would escape capture by Edenist Intelligence, which they did, fleeing in three voidhawks. These were caught three months later, in the Ragundan system, but Laton was not heard of till 2611.