The Confederation is the name given to the alliance of 862 solar systems which have been settled by humans. As the name suggests, the Confederation is a loose alliance with almost as many types of government as there are planets.


The inhabited solar systems of the Confederation are spread over a vast area; over 800 LY long by 600 wide. Earth is at the centre of the Confederation, both physically and economically.

The high incidence of planets capable of supporting human biology and the advance of technology has allowed mankind to rapidly spread throughout space.


The Confederation was established in 2271 following many skirmishes involving the use of anti-matter. Since 2232, 27 000 people were killed when antimatter weapons were used.

The Confederation was established to provide a single policy against the use of antimatter; the Confederation Navy was established to enforce this ban.

Political StructureEdit

A confederation [1] is a political structure which allows for a number of sovereign states to adopt common policy for interactions between them. This structure allows for planets to have different types of government (from the plutocracy of Tranquility to the communism of Mars) which can still interact with each other in deciding on policy.

Each member system of the Confederation elects a senator who sits on the Confederation Council, at Avon.