Wasp 2(c)JimBurns

Adamist starship deploys combat wasps above Lalonde.
tRD cover © Jim Burns

Wasp 1(c)JimBurns

Blackhawks deploying combat wasps above Lalonde.
tRD cover © Jim Burns

Combat wasps are drones, comparatively small attack spacecraft controlled by sophisticated guidance systems. Used by Adamist starships, Blackhawks and voidhawks alike in space combat, these are usually fusion or antimatter powered and carry a range of submunitions, including kinetic projectiles, gamma-ray pulsers, nuclear (or, illegally, antimatter) warheads, or ECM equipment. Combat wasps can be designated for offensive or defensive duties, and their range appears to be around 3000-5000 km.

Most combat wasps are fusion powered and are capable of around 25-30 gees acceleration. Antimatter-powered combat wasps can reach 45 gees or higher and are vastly more destructive.

Because starships are relatively fragile and expensive, combat wasps are usually the first line of defense in any combat situation.

Combat wasps get their name from how they are constructed and deployed. They are usually released in great numbers by larger ships. They swarm at their target, are difficult to evade or destroy because of their sheer numbers, and are deadly when they strike, even in small quantities.

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The Neutronium Alchemist developed by Alkad Mzu can be fitted to a standard combat wasp.

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